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Our Channel Sales Partners

A service that enhances the business of Parcel Line Express and its Channel Sales Partners.

We proudly refer and recommend quality products of our Channel Sales Partners to grow with us, our customers based in India or Abroad may easily order products like sweets, snacks, cakes, flower bouquet and gifts which will be delivered faster.

Parcel Line Express and Channel Sales Partners will recommend choice products at all offices, stores, for the emotions bonding delivery Service of Gifts & Surprises,

Please visit the products catalogue below for online booking, we welcome you for drop-in to choose from wide range available at store for offline….

Channel Sales Partner Brands

PARTNERING WITH PARCEL LINE EXPRESS – Synergistic, Spirit, Limitless Opportunities

Be confident to say “sure” to your customers by adding our name and network strength to yours. Whether you’re looking to leverage our global network, warehousing, dispatch, and delivery service to 220 countries, India as most trusted delivery service with reputation for reliability

Through our extensive network, Parcel Line Express delivers to more than 180 countries, delivers documents, lite parcels to heavy cargo. Grow your partnership with Parcel Line Express and free up more time to focus on your growth and developments.

Parcel Line Express – conducts events, seminars for the better understanding of new Products / Services. we provide training sessions for new joiners and circulate periodic news, latest updates about service improvements.

Delight your customer with Parcel Line Express delivery solutions.

Parcel Line Express with its unique network setup operates between India to Dubai, Frankfurt, London, Singapore for rapid deliveries, now expanding its presence in India, looking for constellation partners under different levels of operational process to control and monitor regional, City, Town and locality pickup and delivery of packages, below is an approximate estimate become our network member.


Parcel Line Express India – we venture, collaborate with other country Express players with a little network and strong presence within a particular global zone or international region or country for the growth, benefits, expansions. Parties with keen interested may approach us with their business plans and scope write to us mark a CC:

Overseas network Consultations provided at fee chargeable depending on the requirements.